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How do you measure leadership?

It’s tempting to measure leaders simply by the success of their businesses. But even the most successful founders know how much timing and luck can be confounding factors in this approach. Measuring leadership through bottom-line company performance also fails to provide any clues as to how someone can improve as a leader.

High Output Management

Andy Grove, former chairman and CEO of Intel, covers techniques for creating highly productive teams, demonstrating methods of motivation that lead to peak performance. If you read only one book on management, let it be this one.

Don’t fuck up the culture

There are days when it’s easy to feel the pressure of our own growth expectations. Other days when we need to ship product. It’s easy to get consumed by these. But compared to culture, they are relatively short-term. These problems will come and go. But culture is forever.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Ben Horowitz offers essential advice on building and running a startup—practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems business school doesn’t cover. While many people talk about how great it is to start a business, very few are honest about how difficult it is to run one.

Inside the Pixar Braintrust

A hallmark of a healthy creative culture is that its people feel free to share ideas, opinions, and criticisms. Our decision making is better when we draw on the collective knowledge and unvarnished opinions of the group. Candor is the key to collaborating effectively. So how can a manager ensure that their teams embraces candor?

Extreme Ownership

Detailing the mind-set and principles that enable SEAL units to accomplish the most difficult missions in combat, Extreme Ownership shows how to apply them to any team, family or organization.

Building your board

Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, talks through how he built his board of directors, and shares lessons-learned.